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Penguino Points

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what are Penguino points?
Penguino points are a loyalty program for Penguinos customers to earn points towards money off their order or pay their order in full using points.


How do I earn Penguinos points?
Firstly you must have a Penguinos account. You can set up an account at checkout. You earn points when you order food online, all products have different points attached depending on the value of the product. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN AT CHECKOUT FOR YOUR POINTS TO GO ONTO YOUR ACCOUNT. You can also earn points for referring friends, family and colleagues to Penguinos, to do this you can distribute your personal code (found at the top of this page when logged in) to people via Facebook or email or other means. This is a great way of earning free Penguino points.


How do I pay with Penguino points?
At check out there will be a “total in points” and how many points you have available. If you have enough points to pay for your order then you can click “pay with penguino points” which will be available as a payment option only if you have enough points.


How can I pay part of my order in points?
Currently this option is not automated, this option will be coming in the near future along with a dashboard to see where you have earned and used your points. If you would like to trade your points in for a money off coupon then please email with your account details and how many points you would like to trade in. this is not an instant reply and may take a day or two to process but we will be adding in an automated system in the near future.


How much is a Penguino Point worth?
Currently 1 point is 1p we do have an exchange rate built in so we plan on running promotions where points may be worth double or even triple their value.