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Bespoke event catering from Penguinos Newmarket


Here at Penguinos catering Newmarket we offer a fantastic personal event catering service to the Newmarket and surrounding areas. Catering is our thing and we make sure we create a tasty and affordable experience to all our catering clients.

whether its for corporate or personal we will support and guide you through the whole process offering suggestions and advising on catering solutions for intolerances, allergens and other dietary requirements.

Below are a few sample menus but we really do pride our selves in our menu creation services that we provide at no extra cost to our catering clients.

We aim all our event catering options to fully satisfy everyone attending. If you would like some advice on event catering or want to discuss an event then please get in touch via email or phone.

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phone: 01638 666022

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sandwich platter

Penguinos basic finger buffet – from £6.50 a head (based 20 ppl)

sausage rolls, tomato pasta, fresh salad, cheese sandwiches, ham sandwiches, piri chicken wraps, chocolate cake and lemon drizzle cake

Penguinos finger buffet – from £8 a head (based on 20 people)

sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, cheese sandwiches, ham sandwiches, BLT wraps, BBQ chicken wraps, tuna sweetcorn pasta, southern fried chicken bites, fresh salad, jam doughnuts,  cherry almond cake

Penguinos a little bit extra buffet – from £9 a head (based on 20 people)

pork pies, sausage rolls, spring rolls,  falafel wraps,  chicken Cesar wraps, chicken avocado wraps, cheese sandwiches, southern fried chicken strips, tomato pasta, tuna sweetcorn pasta, hand stretched pizzas, cherry almond cake, apple puffs