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Top 10 Breakfast And Lunch Delivery food from Penguinos Newmarket

Top 10 Breakfast And Lunch Delivery food from Penguinos Newmarket

What are people favourite breakfast and lunch food from Penguinos?

Because our food is so amazingly tasty we have some real favourites and Penguinos classics on the breakfast and lunch menu. 

We decided to compile a breakfast and lunch top ten list along with some information and background into how these meals were created.

By the way we are only including main meals and therefore snacks and drinks are not included. For example jacket potato fillings such as beans are not a whole meal and therefore are not included.

Furthermore if your favourite is not here then why not tell the rest of the community below in the comments. As a result you may convince someone to try something new.

Before we get started have you ordered your breakfast or lunch for today?

10. BBQ chicken and bacon panini – Lunch menu 

hot panini lunch delivered Newmarket

Starting off this list with the classic BBQ chicken and bacon panini. After we decided to create a panini menu this was the very first panini we came up with.  Therefore its one of the classics and originals on the Penguinos menu. 

whats is it?

BBQ chicken, mozzarella, cheddar topped with crispy bacon in a toasted bar grilled panini. we use only the best ingredients and therefore this panini is a popular classic lunch option on the Penguinos menu.

9. Southern fried chicken wrap – Lunch 

southern fries chicken wrap

Above all this is one of the most popular wraps. with or without bacon and cheese we sell a lot of these a lot of the time. As a result of early customer feedback we added this to the menu back in January 2018.

What is it?

Crispy southern fried chicken with BBQ sauce, fresh lettuce wrapped up in a soft tortilla wrap base. Furthermore there is the option to add bacon and cheese for only 50p.

bacon mushroom and tomato panini

8. Bacon, mushroom and tomato panini AKA the BMT – Lunch and breakfast

Firstly this was a breakfast option but we do sell them all day long and are a firm favourite with the Penguinos regulars. In brief this was created by one of the team and was not by your humble blogger as I cannot stand mushrooms. 

Whats in it?

A thick slice of bacon, chopped mushrooms and chunky tomato with a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese. 

family breakfast box

7. Family breakfast box – breakfast

As a result of putting our breakfast menu together we ended up with this idea. A bit of research showed others in the UK do a family breakfast box but in typical Penguinos fashion we took the philosophy of 

it doesnt matter if someone else is doing it as long as we do it better

What is it?

A full English breakfast enough to feed a family, we do also have a large family breakfast box for 6 people.

toffee waffle delivery newmarket

6. Toffee waffle sundae – Lunch 

Ordinarily this would be a lunch menu item, but an amazingly large amount of our customers enjoy these for breakfast. Good for a summers day but still irresistible in the winter.

What is it?

A toasted Belgian waffle with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. enough said.

breakfast panini

5. Fully loaded breakfast panini – breakfast

A result of trying grow on our breakfast panini options we came up with the fully loaded breakfast panini. At the time it was one of our most expensive panini’s we have created but that did not deter our hungry customers from getting the biggest panini in Newmarket.

What is it?

Sausage, bacon, beans, cheese and black pudding in a great panini.

lunch delivery

4. Piri Piri chicken, onion and chorizo panini – lunch

One of my personal favourites. This was created through the need for a spicy panini. 

What is it?

Piri Piri chicken, red onion, chorizo and cheese in a panini.

southern fried chicken

3. southern fried chicken strips – lunch and catering

Because we were doing a southern fried chicken wrap we decided to pop the chicken on the menu as an option. great as a meal or just as an addition to your lunch.

What is it?

Our really popular southern fried chicken served with BBQ sauce. comes in 3, 5 or 10

breakfast wrap

2. Breakfast wrap – breakfast

When we started Penguinos we only did cold food. The breakfast wrap changed all that as it just became so popular. A favourite amongst everyone from office workers to the home orders on a lazy Sunday morning the Breakfast wrap is a must.

What is it?

Sausage, bacon, fried egg, cheese and crispy onions. why not hash browns to make it a right fat breakfast wrap.

breakfast delivery

1. Large and traditional breakfast – breakfast

Well it was kind of obvious, and it is a joint number one as the large breakfast is the most popular meal followed by our great traditional.

what is it?

full English breakfast delivered to your door in the Newmarket area is there any more to say? most of our customers would argue that there really isn’t anything to add apart from “enjoy”

Did you know?

we now have a clothing rand as well. expect the same great quality you’d expect from Penguinos.

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