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we are over a month old!

we are over a month old!

Penguinos is a month old

Penguinos is in its 5th week of operations and what a month it has been. our fantastic customer base has grown rapidly and continues to grow daily from catering to breakfast we are satisfying our customers with quality food at an affordable price.

We believe the reason this is happening is simple…… our customers, they are the most important part of our business we take action to ensure our customers are satisfied and looked after. Some businesses may see their customers as a way to pay the bills but we see our customers as the central structure to our ever evolving business. Without their feedback and suggestions we would not be able to create an even better menu and service.

This week we have started offering coffee and black pudding on our menu, this has all been possible from the valuable feedback our fantastic customers offer us on a daily basis. We are currently working on a vegan breakfast offering not because its “VEGANUARY” but because our customers want it and we care about our customers.

our catering customers are helping evolve our catering offerings too. requests coming in daily are helping to evolve our catering offer to our customers. from business to christenings we are providing quality catering at an affordable price to our customers and even offering accounts to our repeat corporate customers.


if you haven’t tried Penguinos then we don’t feel we need to tell you too……. our customers are already doing that job for us and for that we thank every single one of them. 


check out our catering offers under catering or order something to work or home from the home page

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