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Penguinos first week

Penguinos first week

we approach our first week of Penguinos being in operation. Although our feedback Friday session was plagued with delays last week due to high demand, it has proven to be an excellent trouble-shooter for our business.

in our first official week the systems we have put in place has enabled us to have a 100% delivery time achievement along with offering a more precise delivery system offering 30 minute delivery windows.

we have added some hot meals to our menu along with healthy fruit options and sugar free drink options.

we now have a small but very vocal customer base and with every comment we see if we can adjust our processes to create an even better service for our customers.

we plan on evolving our offers on a weekly basis to deliver a quality service that is ever evolving.

if you do have any feed back or questions be sure to contact us at we would love to hear from you.

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